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Employment Opportunities at MHAAC


MHAAC needs dedicated professionals committed to advocating on behalf of our clients and family members and helping people transition to self-sufficiency while working in a great environment!

We have positions open in the following programs:


Family Advocate (5 positions): If you are, or have been, a family member/primary caregiver responsible for, or closely involved in the life of a loved one with a serious mental illness or emotional disturbance (adult or child) whether biologically related or not, The Mental Health Association of Alameda County encourages you to apply for a full time, benefitted position currently available with its program. Seeking persons with ‘PERSONAL LIVED EXPERIENCE’ that now drives their passion for serving other family members/caregivers needing hope and support.  No ‘on the job’ experience in the mental health field is required.  Email completed applications to Jobs@mhaac.org or FAX to (510) 746-1701

For the full job description and application, please click here.



Family Partner (2 positions):  The Family Partnership Program works with a multidisciplinary team to help support the families and caregivers of children and young adults receiving services. Family Partners help families with obtaining community services and support; participate in trainings and education on mental health and special education needs. The Family Partnership Program provides direct services within Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services serving children and young adults. Candidates must have “lived experience” as the primary caregiver of a child or immediate family member who is now or has in the past received services from a public child-serving agency, i.e. special education, mental health, social services, and/or juvenile justice.  Email cover letter and resume to Jobs@mhaac.org

For the full job description and application, please click here

Administrative Assistant (1 position):  The Family Partnership Program is seeking a part-time (20 hrs per week) Administrative Assistant to support the Program Director.   Candidates must have the equivalent of 2 years of full-time experience working as an Administrative Assistant.  "Lived Experience" is not required for this position, however, candidates must be able to interact comfortably with people that have a mental health issue and with their families.  Bilingual/ bi-cultural individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.  Email resume to Jobs@mhaac.org

For the full job description and application, please click here


PRA Advocate - Marin County (1 position):  The Patients' Rights Advocacy/Patient Representation program deploys staff members to investigate complaints by mental health patients and residents that their rights have been violated.  This program also provides patient representation at certification review hearings (where the issue is whether there is probable cause to certify a patient for up to 14 days of intensive, involuntary mental health treatment) and at capacity hearings (where the issue is whether the patient has the capacity to give informed consent to treatment with antipsychotic medications). Email completed application to Jobs@mhaac.org

For the full job description and application, please click here

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